Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hello there! Spring has sprung!


I'm Tiff and welcome to my blog!  I'm currently a second year vet student with an emphasis in small animal practice.  To summarize what this blog is all about, it's basically me attempting to make time for hobbies that I've set on the back burner since I started vet school.  One can only take so much studying.  

My main focus and goal for this blog is to 1) learn to set aside time to do what I enjoy, 2) improve in my hobbies, and 3) have a reason to try out different things!

To get the ball rolling, I decided to start off with some garden pictures from my parents' backyard!  This session was just to test out my new macro lens and get myself re-familiarized with my camera.  It had been QUITE a while since I picked it up, especially with this semester's core course load.

Sadly, most of my shots looked pretty gross after viewing them on my computer, but here are the few that I thought were ok!

White Camellia 1

White Camellia 2

White Camellia 3

Wheat Grass

Hopefully, this is a good place to start from!! :)


  1. Those flowers are gorgeous!! Do you know what they are?


    1. Thanks! They're actually camellias. :-)