Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ch-Ch-Changes and Cake!

Happy weekend everyone (and happy Cinco de Mayo)!

As you can probably tell, I've changed my layout!  It's nearing the summer and I felt that my old layout looked kinda blah and didn't fit the fun spirit of this blog very well.  Instead of studying for finals (students - don't be like me), I decided to spend a couple days updating and changing things!  Now I gotta say that we're on track now. :)  Also, had to learn a little about coding this week since the template that I used had LOTS of things that I didn't like or that were broken.  You learn something new everyday, right?

And now onto this week's highlight - WEDDING CAKE!

Top 2 tiers

A friend asked my mom to do her wedding cake, so she's been busy working on it this week.  Before we moved, Mom used to have a cake business that she ran out of our home and made cakes, cupcakes, and more of all sorts of occasions.  Needless to say, we always had cake and desserts around!  Now my mom does it more as a hobby and only by request.

I'll be working on a website for my mom this summer, so I figure I'd take some nice pictures to help her compile a photo gallery of up to date stuff.  However, I was a big dummy and forgot to pack my other lenses, so I basically used my macro lens for everything.

The Bride's colors were white, yellow, and blue, so for the top piece we used yellow roses and baby's breath.  I actually did the arrangement, so I gotta admit that I'm pretty proud of it!

Rose and Baby's breath 2 

Rose topper

The Bride also picked a cake that included little plastic wedding bells and royal icing roses covered with luster dust.

Wedding bells

Royal icing flower

The cake inside was banana, coconut, and vanilla with strawberries, chocolate, and cream. The icing was a vanilla buttercream. I personally wasn't able to stay because I need to study for upcoming finals, but I previous tried the flavors from the cake tasting session my mom had with the couple.  Gotta talk about tasty!

Needless to say, overall my mom did a very good job and I'm very proud of her!  
Yay mommy!

Wedding cake


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