Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dying to dye! - DIY ombre clothing

My wonderful friend Grace called me on Monday wondering if I wanted to have a craft day with her! Of course it was an offer I could not refuse. ;-) 

Since I left the choice up to her about what she would like to do, she suggested doing some ombre stuff.   I picked up some royal blue Rit powered dye and Grace (who is showing our test t-shirt) brought some clothes for us to mess around with.

Take a plain shirt

We found LOTS of ombre dying tutorials on pinterest, but we kinda decided to wing it and combined a bunch of tutorials together. 

First we prepared the Rit dye according to the off the stove instructions minus 1 gallon of water.  We also had a bucket filled with ice and water. Please excuse the ghetto-ness of using a stick as a stirring rod. As I said, we were winging it.

Stirring dye

Cold water bath

Before dying, we got the clothes wet with water, which apparently is supposed to help the dye climb up the clothes and create a softer gradient.  

Then we dipped the bottom of the clothes into the dye bath and allowed some of the dye to climb up the garment a bit above the bath surface.

Dip the shirt

The dyed clothes were then dipped into the cold water bath a little above where the dye stopped for a bit.

Then put it in the water bath

Again, the clothes are dipped in the dye bath higher than where the dye had stopped previously.  After allowing the dye to climb, place it in the cold water bath again as before.

Dip it back into the dye

Then back in the water bath!

Basically we repeated this process over and over again until we were happy with the results.  As Grace pointed out to me, the ombre effect is really due to the TIME that the garment remains in the dye, so keep this in mind if you try this.

Finished ombre shirt 

In the end, we were pretty happy with the results and tried it with other clothes!!!

Finished ombre shorts

Finished ombre tank top 

But be warned - you might want to do this with gloves or else you'll end up like this!

Blue hand group


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